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IInox Steel Sdn Bhd started in 2014. ever since then we have focused on building a Premium quality Stainless steel Kitchen Cabinet. After years of success producing Premium Kitchen Cabinet we come across to  focus more on Residence Built In Cabinet.

Inox Home design Sdn Bhd focus on high Quality wood cabinet .Up to date we have produced more than 2000 pieces of High Quality cabinet and will continue doing more..


When you choose INOX Carpentry you can feel safe in the knowledge that your project will be carried out by highly experienced professionals who are all experts within their trade. All projects will have a project manager who will ensure your project runs smoothly and should any issues arise they are dealt with quickly and efficiently. We will also ensure your project is completed on time and to your budget.

At INOX DESIGN HOME  we are able to offer a wide range of carpentry services including Stainless Steel Kitchen ,                                   , Display , Foyer , Altar , Shoe cabinet,                         and 

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